Interior Window Sill

The interior windows sills protect and decorate the building, create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort, constitute a decorative element, successfully complete the thermal insulation carpentry. They are resistant to moisture. The color of the window sills is available in the color of the carpentry.

The interior windowsills are ordered according to the desired width: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm.

Exterior Window Sill

Exterior window sills are made of the highest quality aluminum, painted in electrostatic field, ideal for the outside, because they are resistant and prevent water leaking from the window on the wall of the building.
The exterior window sill is chosen according to the desired width: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 275mm, 300mm.

Insect Nets

The insect net is easy to use and maintain. The frame is made of white, brown aluminum, imitation oak, walnut, mahogany, etc. or painted in any RAL color, and fiberglass mesh.

Balcony and access door nets are provided with reinforcements at the bottom and middle for a long service life.

Insect nets are very easy to assemble / disassemble. From a constructive point of view they can be:

TIP HINGE TYPE: The aluminum frame on which the net is mounted is equipped with hinges and a fastening system in the closed position. The hinges allow the mesh frame to be opened to the outside.

ROLLER TYPE: Fiberglass mesh is stored in an aluminum box and circulates through guides as needed. The drive can be vertical or horizontal

PLISSE TYPE – Plisse nets are applied to large windows and doors and are the latest innovation in insect protection. They can be mounted on any type of carpentry and cannot be dismantled in winter. It is easy to operate, thanks to the system without pretensioning.

Textile Rollers

Textile blinds create a pleasant and original atmosphere in any home. Textile roulette is an attractive and practical accessory, ideal in combination with curtains, increasingly appreciated among people concerned with interior design.


The aesthetics of the textile as well as the functionality blend harmoniously in a high quality product.

The doublet is distinguished by the alternation of opaque stripes with the transparent ones woven in textile.

Whether in the living room, kitchen or bathroom, the doublet is the perfect solution, performing several functions simultaneously.

Modern and classic decor, sun protection and protection against prying eyes are just some of the properties it successfully fulfills.

Ultraslim Textile Roller

The ultraslim system for box roller shutters is specially designed to be mounted on any type of carpentry. Due to the extremely small dimensions of the system, the window can be opened normally and it can be opened to the maximum. The elegance of the modern design is perfected by the shape of the anodized aluminum box painted in electrostatic field.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the ideal solution for shading social spaces, cabinets and offices, but more and more often they find their utility in living spaces, as an alternative to curtains and drapes. Often, vertical blinds are used to delimit the space and are suitable for shading large spaces, having a decorative effect.All textiles are antistatically treated and are suitable for people with allergies. Due to this treatment, the maintenance effort is minimal.

Exterior Rollers

Exterior roller shutters with aluminum blades filled with polystyrene provide very good protection against heat, cold, rain and noise, but also have anti-efraction qualities.

  • The roller box is provided with polystyrene thermal insulation, which improves the thermal and sound insulation coefficient of the box and prevents the formation of condensation.

  • The blinds can be white, brown, imitation wood or any RAL color .

  • Temperature factor fRsi: 0.70.

  • Heat transfer coefficient: Usb = 0.76 W (m2K).

  • It offers sun protection that stops up to 80-85% of the energy transported by the sun’s rays.

  • Optional: can be equipped with roll-type insect nets

Overlapped Rollers

A wide range of coating and finishing possibilities allow the roller to match the user’s customized requirements and the perfect integration in any project or facade.

Applied Rollers

The classic construction of this model is based on the aluminum housing mounted on the wall (without interference in the window light) or in the window seat.

Roller Operating Types



Remote Control