Window hardware

The windows produced by APRIM are equipped with one of the most technologically advanced hardware available on the market – ROTO NT.

We fully understand the need for safety and that is why we always offer you the most advanced concepts developed by our supplier, the German company ROTO.

The hardware and the closing and control systems made by ROTO are certified by the most prestigious European Institute, IFT – the Institute for Window Technology, in Rosenheim – Germany.

Regarding the window handle, we present the possibilities of customizing the windows APRIM.


The Hoppe Secustik handle which, in addition to the elegant design and quality of the high quality aluminum elements, contains a patented safety mechanism that prevents fraudulent handling of the exterior window.


The handle represents more than just an assistive element.This is how we present the Roto Swing handle, a visible and attractive element for your window.

APRIM Window Components

A. Mechanism Against Bad Action
When the window is opened, this system prevents the handle from rotating, thus eliminating the possibility of the window being supported by a single hinge. This posture would lead to premature wear and subsequent discomfort in handling the windows.

B. Safety Lockers
In addition to the multi-point window locking system, which provides tightness, the windows produced by APRIM benefit from blockers mounted on the window frame. Thus we greatly increase the security of theft against theft.

C. Microventilation part
The micro-ventilation element of the hardware ensures the ventilation of the room in perfect safety, for a prolonged period of absence from the building or during the day / night. The window opens only a few millimeters, enough for the air to flow freely, while keeping the safety features of the window perfectly functional.

D. Hinges
Aprim windows are equipped with Roto NT K hinges, with this type of hinges we come to meet the general tendency towards ever larger glass surfaces, which require much heavier hinges. The hinges used on Aprim windows support up to 130 kg.

E. Oscillating-swing system
Our high quality Roto NT swing-and-swing system for the most diverse forms of PVC windows, sets standards everywhere as a market and technology leader and meets the highest requirements for safety, comfort in use, durability and design.

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