The residential door is representative for the entrance to the house. For this reason, Aprim offers you many alternatives to create a unique and individual entrance door.

Perfect operation

Designed with systems 73, 76, 82, 92 mm depth of the frame and with gates that can reach up to 126 mm width Residential doors APRIM meet all possible requirements that the beneficiary could have. They provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, respectively a high level of protection against forced entry and a varied design.

Wide range of designs and colors

As a distinctive visual element, the entrance door must fit perfectly into the architectural ensemble of the home. There are virtually no limits to imagining the most varied designs: with a wide range of colors that mimic wood, ornamental panels or applied splashes, you can create your own entrance door exactly as you wish.

Robust structure for a long time

The Salamander BluEvolution and Streamline systems combined with the galvanized steel stiffener used in the production process provide exceptional physical strength. For a perfect and sustainable functionality the residential doors APRIM benefit from a top hardware ROTO – NT.


Each of us wants to secure his material goods, but also to know his loved ones protected, without fear that someone malicious may break into your home.

Thus the APRIM doors are equipped with intelligent hardware solutions developed by the German Roto supplier which offers high safety and long-lasting operation.

Whether you are at home or not, you can rely on the robust and secure technique used to close the APRIM doors.

APRIM doors are certified by the IFT Rosenheim Institute of Technology.

ROTO Standard Lock

Thanks to the 4 locking bolts with execntric, this locking system offers added safety against intrusion attempts.

ROTO Safe Lock

Roto Safe is our multi-point mechanical locking system for entry doors, as well as for emergency exits and panic doors according to DIN EN 179, respectively 1125, where the main lock and the additional closing in the first phase are operated with a door handle. . In the second phase, the system locks with a key.

With a unique combination of hooks and bolts, at the current high-performance generation of Roto Safe 600 locks, each door is properly closed and sealed over time, protecting against bad weather, wind and bad weather, as well as against unauthorized access. Because everything that does not have what it is looking for inside is guaranteed outside!


Aprim doors are equipped with Roto Solid S hinges, these hinges guarantee great performance and high durability.

The carrying capacity is up to 120 kg and the mechanism does not require maintenance.